Confusion can set in when you have decided to sell your home. Whether you have resided there for five years or fifty years, it will be extraordinarily helpful and beneficial to speak with a skilled real estate professional such as, Sandi Jacoby. She will assist you with very common questions, such as, shall I stage my home; shall I enhance my garden; shall I do any improvements to my home. To explore the various options that are at hand for you during this preparation stage, make your life easy, and request a complimentary evaluation of your property with Sandi Jacoby. In the meantime, here are some tips that may be helpful.

What price is right?

Arriving at the optimal listing price for a home is the most difficult task facing real estate agents and our clients. Price your home too high and it has the potential of sitting on the market for a long period of time. With over 30 years of experience, turn to me for guidance with pricing your home appropriately in today’s marketplace.

Finding your home’s best selling price

Statistics show that the best opportunity to sell your home is often within the first few weeks of putting it on the market.

To maximize your selling opportunity, it is important that your home be priced right. What is the right price? Many factors will determine your home’s best asking price. Our current real estate market has a lot to do with it. Using sound judgement, research, and experience, I can assist you in determining the correct price for your home.  To achieve an informed decision, I will help you evaluate your location, the recent sold data, current market trends, and your home’s special features that set it apart from the competition.

Shades of gray

Gray is in paint colors, flooring and countertops.  And if you’re shopping for furniture, lighting, or bedroom and bathroom accessories, you’re probably also seeing an abundance of it there too. If you’re unsure about how to use gray, here are some tips:


Gray is the new white! Here are three tricks for getting gray right:

  • Go with flat paint
  • Use a creamier color for trim and molding instead of bright white
  • Bring in the light

Kitchens and baths:

Get some inspiration for your countertops or check out some of the newest options by perusing design magazines or watching home improvement television programs.

For cabinets, gray is one of today’s most popular trends, ranging from an array of traditional painted finishes to glossy applications, giving that fresh sparkling appeal.

Minor improvements such as replacing the kitchen faucet and adding new cabinet door handles can make a world of difference with updating your kitchen and/or bathrooms with a current, stylish decor.